The Shire of Mynydd Seren
In the Region of Constellation, Kingdom of the Middle

Merchant List

Gary Larson's Du Puy Creations - Medieval Inspired Furniture
Kraken Press - Kingdom Swag
Woodmont Accessories - Leather belts and accessories
Trade Post Supply - Mostly soap, sometimes hand sewn goods, and fans
Nonna Ceramics Recreation and SCA - relevant ceramics made by Nonna the Midwife.
Sparks of Inspiration - Period inspired jewelry and hairstyles
Schmidty's Schtuff - Crocheted creations and leather goods
Wired Wimsey - A purveyor of fine and fancy hand crafted jewelry and accessories
North Star Armoury - Viking, Anglo Saxon, and Medieval jewelry and artifacts as well as a carefully curated collection of artifact and research books. We also produce custom, and on occasion, off the shelf armour and rapier equipment.
Horde Silver - Handmade jewelry and bags.
Giggling Wenches
Munitions Grade Arms​
Hannah Hall Card Emporium
White Wolf and Pheonix​
- Hand woven narrow wares (trim, belts, garters, etc), string, tools for weaving, and books on weaving
Beads by Sigulf - Hand made reproduction Viking age glass beads, jewelry and wool -both yarn and for spinning or felting
Mid east magic - Hats and headwear, misc.
By My Hand - Shields, polearm Heads, Hilts, Circlets, Chaplets, Coronets, Dress accessories Pewter casting supplies, Sundry bits of medieval household items.

Sunday Only:
Mostly Middle Eastern w/ Mist. Cordelia
- mostly mid-eastern garb, accessories
Jewels by Maeve w/ Lady Maeve ferch Morgan - handmade jewelry, accessories
Silent Cat - Garb, stained glass, handcrafted jewelry

The Bead Rescue Project - Join in the search for handmade glass beads as you would have found in period, "hidden" around the event site. The Bead Rescue Project will be set up in the Merchant Area with displays and to answer any questions you may have about beadmaking, glass, and glass beads, including any you have or may have found!

Written by Sara Hasenkamp on Thursday April 12, 2018
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