The Shire of Mynydd Seren
In the Region of Constellation, Kingdom of the Middle

Class Schedule

Inside Outside 1 Outside 2 Outside 3 Outside 4
10AM Marshal Training 101 Giganti Intensive (10AM-1PM) Five Exercises that Will Make You a Better Fencer Getting Ready for your Initial Authorization Open List Space for Pickups - One on Ones with Warders & Masters of Defense
11AM Popular Tourney Formats and How to Run Them Why Am I Getting Hit? (55 minutes, option to run to 90 minutes) Effective teaching in an hour: SCAdian pedagogy
NOON Swordwoman's Roundtable
1PM Continuing Marshal Education Fiore Longsword 101 Inventing Productive Drills Intro to Spear for Crossovers
2PM So You Want to Command a Unit How to Add Cuts to Your Rapier Game What to do with a spear in melee
3PM Quick and Easy Fencing Armor I.33 working group Beating The Four Fighters

A three hour Giganti Intensive - taught by Warder Raphael di Merisi
Swordwoman's Roundtable - led by Warder Gwynneth verch Iuean
Why Am I Getting Hit? - taught by Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel
Getting Ready for your Initial Authorization - taught by Christina
So You Want to Command a Unit - taught by General Moira Eiriksdottir
What to do with a Melee Spear - taught by Sir Pellinor of Shadowed Stars
Rapier Tourneys & How to Run Them - taught by Warder Cecily O'Donell
Continuing Marshallate Education - taught by Master Cecil du Pont

​More to come as more teachers sign up!

If you're interested in signing up, please follow the link below to the Google sign-up form!

Written by Sara Hasenkamp on Wednesday May 10, 2017
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