The Shire of Mynydd Seren
In the Region of Constellation, Kingdom of the Middle

Class Schedule

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10AM Marshal Training 101 Giganti Intensive (10AM-1PM) Five Exercises that Will Make You a Better Fencer Getting Ready for your Initial Authorization Open List Space for Pickups - One on Ones with Warders & Masters of Defense
11AM Popular Tourney Formats and How to Run Them Why Am I Getting Hit? (55 minutes, option to run to 90 minutes) Effective teaching in an hour: SCAdian pedagogy
NOON Swordwoman's Roundtable
1PM Continuing Marshal Education Fiore Longsword 101 Inventing Productive Drills Intro to Spear for Crossovers
2PM So You Want to Command a Unit How to Add Cuts to Your Rapier Game What to do with a spear in melee
3PM Quick and Easy Fencing Armor I.33 working group Beating The Four Fighters

Martial Training 101: Taught by Warder Cecily O'Donell - Class will cover the entire MIT process, start to finish. MITs who attend will receive one Administration signature.
Rapier Tourneys & How to Run Them: Taught by Warder Cecily O'Donell
Swordwoman's Roundtable: Led by Warder Gwynneth verch Iuean - Bring your lunch and join a discussion on the topic!
Continuing Marshallate Education: Taught by Master Cecil du Pont
So You Want to Command a Unit: Taught by General Moira Eiriksdottir - Basics of the Midrealm rapier army structure, common commands, and common tactics used by the army (if we have time)
Quick and Easy Fencing Armor: Taught by Lady Leandra Corzi - Making Armor can be simple and easy. Here is a basic way to create armor for yourself.

Giganti Intensive: Taught by Warder Raphael di Merisi - An in-depth dive into Nicolletto Giganti's Venetian rapier. Full armor required. Hands on, drills, structured sparring.
Fiore Longsword 101: Taught by Sir Crispin Bucher - Covers the posta, Strikes and thrusts from the posta, and four of the first plays. The focus is for C&T. Can be attended with no gear (I have trainers to loan). To drill with contact wear C&T armor.
Introduction to Fabris: Taught by Liu Kuaici - Full armor recommended.
I.33 Working Group: Taught by Sir Crispin Bucher - Learning and discussion of I.33. Full armor required.

Five Exercises that will Make you a better Fencer: Taught by Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel - Ever wonder why that fencer moves so fluidly and that other fencer has amazing blade control? Are you training and drilling but not getting satisfying results? Are you sick of standard footwork and point-control drills? Find out how to hack your brain, hone you reflexes, and up your game with five simple exercises you've probably never tried. Skill level: all. Gear requirements: rapier or single-handed sword and gloves.
Why Am I Getting Hit?: Taught by Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel - Tired of shots blowing through your guard, getting suckered into clumsy blocks, or getting one-shotted? Here's the antidote and a few other fundamental tips that will help you take your game to the next level. Swords and masks minimum, full armor recommended.
Inventing Productive Drills: Taught by Master Adam Comyn - Footwork is good. Point control is good. Slow work is good. They are also boring to the new fighter who just wants to swing a sword good. I can deliver a proscriptive list of new and exciting Drills That Will For Sure Be Very Exciting This Time, but ideas without students will completely ignore your students. This class will force us to break that down, include examples of barriers which get in the way of progress, before discussing creative ways to isolate and improve the skills they need.
How to Add Cuts to your Rapier Game: Taught by Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel - If you have a rapier kit, then getting into C&T is as easy as adding a pads, a mask back, and a pair of padded gloves. This class will cover some simple and effective ways to add cuts to the rapier game you already know, as well as why learning to cut will make you a better standard rapier fencer. Even if you're a longtime fencer who doesn't use a rapier in C&T, you'll want to check this out. Skill level: some fencing experience. Gear requirements: rapier, mask, gorget, and gloves. Full kit encouraged, C&T kit even better.
Beating the Four Fighters: Taught by Master Adam Comyn - Every opponent can be measured by their Will and their Aggression. By treating these as perpendicular ways to describe the fight, you have a simple four quadrant definition that is independent of weapon forms, and of any particular field of study. We will talk about the ways you can discover what quadrant your opponent fights within, and how best to win against that kind of fight. A predominantly conversational class, but may include participation when we have suitably suited combatants.

Getting Ready for your Initial Authorization: Taught by Christina Noëlle - Nervous about authorizing for the first time? This class will go over the basics you need to know before walking in for the test. We'll go over the oral portion and the practical. If time allows and people can be rounded up for it, we can even run you though if you'd like!
Effective teaching in an hour: SCAdian pedagogy: Taught by Master Adam Comyn - A great teacher does more than know their topic, they also know how to present that topic. Teaching anything martial has the added burden of students who expect to turn your words into victorious action by nightfall. When you have a "what" worth sharing, this class will go over the techniques of "how" to bring the topic into focus, keep the interrupters at bay, and make it stick for your audience. A sample topic will be provided for those who don't have one.
Intro to Spear Crossovers: Class will cover armor requirements, Authorization, and tactics for Rapier fighters interested in Spear Crossover

What to do with a Melee Spear: Taught by Sir Pellinor of Shadowed Stars - This class will cover how to stay alive and effective during various melee scenarios while using a spear. Spears required; armor recommended.

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Written by Sara Hasenkamp on Wednesday May 10, 2017
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