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Arts and Sciences

Baroness Malie bean MhicAoidh
A&S Organizer
Email: baronessofrivenstar@gmail.com
Contact For:More information concerning the overall Arts and Science Schedule


Coronation will feature a Competition to pick the Reign's A&S Champion, a Team Entry A&S Competition, a Largess A&S Competition, a special "Reverse" Laurel Prize Challenge, an Artisan's Row, and A&S Classes.

Kingdom A&S Champion Contest

For the most up to date please visit Their Royal Highnesses Website
Bring your best, recent, work for the display. Documentation is always nice, but is not required for this contest. The winner will be chosen by Their Royal Highnesses and will be invited to serve as the A&S Champion. Their Highnesses would expect that artisan to support and encourage the arts during Their Reign and to stand with Them in Court. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Their Highnesses dirctly ( through the website linked above).

Team Entry A&S Competition

Teams will consist of a Laurel & Apprentice (must be their own Apprentice) or any other type of Mentor & Student pair. The team will select one item to complete together. The entry must be accompanied by brief (1-3 page) documentation explaining the piece, its historical relevance, and materials & methods used. Entries will be anonymous.
This competition will be judged by members of the populous of any rank in the following scale:
These votes will be counted using different colored beads to indicate their value. The winning team of this competition will receive a donated prize that must be able to be divided to split between them.

Largess A&S Competition

Entries will consist of EITHER a baker's dozen (13) or lucky seven (7) of any item, to be donated following the competition to the Crown for their largess. Each of the 13 or 7 should be the same item, but color and style differences among them are allowed. Entries will be judged via traditional populace bean count. The winner will receive one of each item before all items in the competition are given to the Crown. Entries should be labeled for any allergens that may be included, and should also come with 2 copies of a card with a description of the items, the entrant's name and their local group name. This information will not be kept with the entry during judging, it will be for TRM's later reference.

Reverse Laurel Prize Challenge

We have 3 folks who have stepped up to issue an A&S Challenge to the attending Laurels through their entries into any of the day's competitions.

Laurels: If you would like to be considered for any of the challenges, please have your name/entry added to the appropriate challenge cheat sheet, which the A&S volunteer staff will have.
Challengers: Please be sure to bring your prize. When you are ready to judge, get the cheat sheet from the volunteers after all the entries are set up, and judge at your leisure. When you are ready, let the volunteers know you've selected a winner, and they can help you find the Laurel to give your prize.

Here are the Challenges:
Mistress Zuriel Aurelius Nightshade is offering a prize of three (3) 187ml bottles of 3 different beverages (Spiced Cyser, Raspberry Melomel and Blueberry Vanilla Melomel), made by her. She will be looking for impressive Norse in any medium. Minimal documentation (optional if not required for your entry) to help her see the "What/Where/When" of the item and your inspiration.
Her Ladyship Elspeth Clerk is offering a glass decanter and set of 4 wine glasses to the best non-alcoholic beverage. She would like to see an ingredient list at the very least if documentation is not required for your entry.
Lady Kateline Mathar will be looking for the best authentic sitting cushion or other domestic textile. She is offering the prize of a wooden folding chair.
Good luck to the Laurels!

Artisan's Row

We also have a great line-up for the Artisan's Row! The Artisans will be open for demo and instruction between 1PM and 5PM (give or take for set-up/breakdown). There will be two artisan row areas.

Period Glass Arts
Facilitator: Brynn Herleifsson
A variety of glass art traditions available: Stained glass, glass blowing, enameling, and (glass) mosaic. I will likely bring my hammer and hardie and be working on a mosaic during the day, as that is much more portable than any stained glass gear.

The Midrealm Moneyer's Guild
Facilitator: Master Derian le Breton
Learn how to make money the medieval way, with a hammer! The Midrealm Moneyer's Guild will be striking coins, cutting dies, and teaching throughout the day.

Facilitator: HL Jerusha a'Laon
I'll be available to teach basic embroidery and will have some of my work on display.

Medieval Cottage
Facilitator: THL Gavin White of Westburgh
This presentation consists of the outline of a medieval cottage, displaying the household's contents. While I focus on the early 13th century, I can compare and contrast that period to the 14th century.

==Inside (near classrooms)==
Sartoria de Sarai
Facilitator: THL Sarai Tindall Sogliano
Learn to finish your clothes using medieval methods, I will be demonstrating how to do seam finishes, button holes, and eyelets. And will happily answer questions on other topics related to medieval clothing.

Bobbin Lace
Facilitator: Baroness Allegra
Displaying and working on Bobbin Lace. I can teach on the fly if you're interested!

Calf-to-Codex Project Display
Facilitator: Master Johannes von Narrenstein
Come see the codex and find out about its creation.


We have a full class schedule at Coronation this weekend! Classes will be held in the building with the A&S displays and merchants. Here are the classes that will be offered:

==Classroom 1==
12:00PM-2:00PM (to begin as soon after court as possible):
Being the Exchequer and What that Means
THL Kateline Eliot, MK Exchequer
The position of exchequer can be daunting and a little confusing. This class will review the procedures for becoming an exchequer and what to do afterwards. We will review the handbook and kingdom financial policies as well as go over reports and deadlines and procedures for day to day handling of group funds. This class counts for the exchequer warranting requirements. Please bring your laptops with downloaded copies of the MK financial policies and SCA Local Exchequer handbook or printed copies of each.

2:00PM - 3:00PM:
Regional Exchequer Meetings
THL Kateline Eliot, MK Exchequer
Mandatory meeting for all Constellation exchequers (all other interested parties are welcome). Please bring any questions or concerns that you have.

3:00PM - 4:00PM:
How to make an endless loop bowstring
THL Robert Thorne
NOT a Flemish style!

4:00PM - 5:00 PM:
Pelican Retreat Planning Meeting
Retreat Planning Team
Members of the retreat planning team should attend this meeting.

==Classroom 2==
1:00PM - 2:00PM:
Peafowl and Pheasants 101
THL Robert Thorne
How did these beautiful birds from Asia make it to Europe

2:00PM - 3:00PM:
GoodWill to Garb, or How to tell fabrics without tags
Lady Leandra Corzi
The thrift store can be a great supplier of inspiration, the key to a great find often lies in knowing the differences between fabrics. (Donation accepted for handouts.)

3:00PM - 4:00PM:
Beginning Illumination for Scrolls
THL Elayne Thorne
Even if you cannot draw a straight line, you can make a scroll. Easy directions and all supplies provided to be able to start a scroll and take with you to finish. ($5 for supplies, limit 10 kits) Ages 10 and up.

4:00PM - 5:00PM:
The Case for Coats
Mistress Enid d'Auliere
Making coats for SCA wear. It includes a pattern and instructions. After all, winter is coming.

==Black Tower Creations Booth (Merchants Area)==
1:00PM - 2:00PM:
How to put together an x-frame chair
Lady Kateline Mathar
I will be demonstrating how to put together an X-frame chair using a Black Tower Creations DIY kit.

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